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Submission doesn't automatically guarantee approval by board. All projects must be vetted both by FOP and city staff. 

We Want To Hear From You!

Have a great idea for one of our Hermosa parks and not sure how to execute? Want to suggest a park or city program improvement but don’t have the capital to fund it? Would like to suggest replacing some of the park equipment and need help to navigate the proper channels?

 Hermosa Beach Friends of the Parks announces its FOP Micro-Grant Program. The Board of Directors are looking to help fund small projects in partnership with Hermosa Beach Community Resources Staff to fulfill the organization’s mission: identify, prioritize and fundraise for Hermosa Beach park and recreation improvements.

Grants could be given for pet waste dispensers & bags in your local park or adding a piece of fitness equipment on the greenbelt. Other ideas include basketball net replacement or repainting a tennis court, funding some additional equipment or supplies for Hermosa after- school programs, or the gym.   Simply submit your project, estimated cost, purpose and any other details to us using the form below.

All projects submitted to be under $2500 and will be reviewed & considered every quarter by the board. **  
Thank you for your submission!

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FOP Micro-Grant Program